Girls room makeover: Behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes update from the girls bedroom I am working on.. You can see the before pictures here Girls room makeover : Before

Soooo far I have been able to nail down the wall!! Yayy!!! from a blah-as-it-can-get-pink to the softest colorblock wall you can imagine!!.. Here is the transformation!!

you can view it all DIY Feature Wall : Color block wall

Boy! what a difference color can make! Don’t you think!


Now comes some other areas of the room! such as the headboard and the pom pom cushions!

For the headboard Initially I went for a completely different DIY.. Which was a fluffy headboard DIY!

Unfortunately it went all wrong! After hours and hours of adding all the fluff to it the headboard continued to look like a mess! which was definitely not in mind..

So I started weighing some other options and since dhurrie rugs were in my moodboard and I had landed some pretty pink ones which I was planning to use in the room somewhere! so why not drape them over the headboard for a cleaner, finer look!


Did just that and voila! I looove the results! Its definitely cleaner and more of a statement!


To take it to the next level added some nail trim! And Yay!! its definitley working!! 🙂


Sure am a happier person today!! 😀 😀



This is the way design process works! Behind the scenes are definitely not as pretty as they look when its all been put together! Evvvvery creative person goes through this_ out of control messes, ideas gone wrong, challenges, DIYs or pros that turn out less than impressive!

You have to take the u-turn and rake out some ideas again and keep cruising along till you are where you want to be.. Coz If you stay with it long enough_ in the end it will all come together!! (true story)

What were the design elements that went all wrong for you? And how did you recover from them!? Would love to hear from you!!!

Working on the Pom pom cushions right now!! Lets see how they turn out to be!!

Will be sharing the room reveal on the blog soon! So stick around!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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