Happy Independence day

We love to whine about it! We complaint about it! We don’t tire of criticizing it over cups of tea!!

But in the end its aall ours and we love it to pieces and In our hearts we hold high hopes and beautiful dreams of a bright future for our beloved land!


My home got a makeover in Paki style!!! This Independence day as everything takes a spin on green lets give our homes a bit of a patriotic makeover as well!!

What packs the punch! What are we celebrating.. What makes us Pakistani!

To me its in the words!!

independence day 3

Abbay yaaaar!!! The disappointed echoes through the streets when another batsman is knocked out or when the power switches off at the climax of a hum serial! Don’t tell me you cannot relate to this or it didn’t bring a smile to your face! πŸ™‚

independence day 6

The language I grew up with and the constant chatters of a punjabi households. The warm family gatherings and the conversation continuatuon “Haur Fair” (whats up or I dont know what would be the exact translation coz its more implied than the actual meaning of the words that works) I added these bright posters to reflect the colors and the essence of conversation!

independence day 19

Dhurrie rugs, flowers, Iqbal not essential you say!?

independence day 9

Truck art inspired corner tables and some greenery!

independence day 1

The minute I saw this vase it reminded me of the plight our nation goes through every single day! And considering the present situation we will be using our bulbs as vases in future!

Sitting on top of the DIY ludo table top, which brings instant smiles as it reminds of the battles lost and the timely sixes which won’t come in the start and ones that won’t show up at the end! πŸ™‚

independence day 16

To me nostalgia hits when I see the packaging! Its in the blue and red matchbox its in the green and white milk pak its in this faded kernel chawwal sack! I used it here as a flower pot cover or whatever you call it. And paired with my truck art inspired table its a just my homeland singing through!

independence day 26

Who else to grace the walls than the queen herself Noor Jahan!

independence day 5

The forgotten words! How impossible they sound now! How far we have come!

independence day 23

The marble kuundi that is a household essential! I always admired its beauty and the stone and always believed that this humble device has more potential than just a grinding stone! How cute it looks on my coffee table and can it doubled as a flower pot!!! hmmm far fetched πŸ˜€

Bang-e-Darra!! a coffee table book! Dusting it off while taking it out my insides feared a generation coming which won’t be able to understand a word of it let alone relate to it! Do you see it coming!?

independence day 24

Surrounding myself with all the flavors sights and memories of Pakistan was just a whole new experience! This makeover was all about capturing the essence of our homeland and putting it all together in a room!

independence day 20

independence day 21

independence day 8

independence day 28

These tiny boxes are the ones I alwaaays pack along for the much needed culutre boost around me! I addddore them!! And do you know you can even frame the tag of “Khaadi” and it would still paas on for art!! Yet again “khaadi” is not just for clothes its much more than that!

independence day 13

So this independence day..

Lets bring out the exuberance that is Pakistan!

Lets pack the flavor that is Pakistan!

Lets resonate the colors that is Pakistan!

Lets celebrate the warmth the language that is Pakistan!

Happy Independence day Pakistan!

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