Minimalist wishlist


1.Minimal coat hanger I normally have an aversion for coat hangers! In my opinion its something we all need but dont really want!! But this one I cant really get over!!

2.Bottle grinder The thing that I loooooove about minimalism is sleek lines and texture!!! And if you find it in everday things that will be fantastic!!

3.geometric sculpture I looove the geometric play in sleek unexpectred lines! And the fact that you can use it as a planter is a bonus I cannot look over. Considerig my obsession with geometric and minimal planters as I share here

4.white tray A perfect sleek thing for all your buts and baubles. And is so versatile I think I am going to grab a couple of them!

5.Faceted crystal tumblers A gorgeous blend of sleek design and function answers my geometrical shape mood completely!

6.Contemporary white clock The last thing on my list is an all white minimal clock to add pun in any room!!

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