Happy New Year 2017

About New years resolutino!!!!

Every year we start with a list

This year we are going to start with exercise

This year I will sleep early

This year I will eat right

This year I will make time for family

Weeding through this wistfull wishlist of mine I once read that the best way to achieve goals is to declare the year with a label. For instance, this is the year of relationships where I will focus on enhancing relationships both in personal and professional life.

Or this is the year of kindness where I will focus on being kind to myself my kids my family my neighbors my colleagues in all aspects of life!!

What a neat solution!!!

This is the year of rejuvenation!!! I will be working on rejuvenation of myself my kids my work my ethics my emotional self!!!


In my opinion this is the way to go for a New year resolution if you actually want to see a change!

So this is the year of Minimalism for me!!!!

The entire idea gives me butterflies and flutters and goose bumps all over me!!!

For me minimalism is: A modern geometric monochromatic home which meets all aesthetic demands and is a cinch to cleanup with zero clutter and maximum organization with a place for everything!!

For me capsule wardrobe is: A wardrobe of basic outfits with pops of color and uniforms that meets all my daily needs alongwith dressing up in 5 min chic uniforms!!!

A minimal home and a capsule wardrobe are the two things that sound insaaaaaanely dreaaaamy to me right now! And I am insaaaaanely excited to get started on them!!

Would love to hear about your New Year resolutions!!!!

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!!

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