Home Decor: Memphis room Wishlist

Some might say I am rather toooooo adventurous!! ( my husband)

But hey! thats just me! And that is how I like it!

I am talking about the Memphis room makeover that I gave to my bedroom!

gorman room 16

I am still obsessed with this wall!!!

You can see the whole bedroom here 

So here I have put together some basics of going about the Memphis design!

2-27-2017 1-54-35 AM

  1. Basic sofa : Always start with a good basic sofa!! Not just coz its only used for memphis room but coz i is so versatile!
  2.  geometric cushion : With all the basics around accents are all that is left with to create all the drama and to have fun with!! so fun color block cushions are a great way to go or to start. I believe when it comes to cushions sky is the limit! Creativity is endless! More on that in some other
  3. Minimal white clock : Never underestimate the power of a minimal design! It can create the perfect contrast against a lets say loud background 😉 Which is exactly what works in a Memphis design!
  4.  Grid wallpaper : I have created the most humblest wall decor of all times with this Grid feature wall using solely washi tape! But you can opt for other options like this sweet wallpaper! How retro is that! I can only imagine how gorgeous it would look in a modern vanity or even a laundry room or foyer!! possibilities are endless!!
  5.  neon/colorblock accents : The second personal touch you can add is with vases! Neoooooon is something I crave and would definitely go for. A perfect blend of vases would be white and pop of colors!! either in a bunch or separate! Works like a charm
  6.  ikea grid bedding : I am a big fan of ikea and their bedding!! Its not too expensive! It lasts a couple of season and its black and white with pattern!! All these are a yes yes and yes in my list.
  7. stripes : I didn’t add stripes here in this collage but it goes without saying a Memphis room would add more spike with the addition of black and white stripes!!

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