Happy New Year 2017

About New years resolutino!!!!

Every year we start with a list

This year we are going to start with exercise

This year I will sleep early

This year I will eat right

This year I will make time for family

Weeding through this wistfull wishlist of mine I once read that the best way to achieve goals is to declare the year with a label. For instance, this is the year of relationships where I will focus on enhancing relationships both in personal and professional life.

Or this is the year of kindness where I will focus on being kind to myself my kids my family my neighbors my colleagues in all aspects of life!!

What a neat solution!!!

This is the year of rejuvenation!!! I will be working on rejuvenation of myself my kids my work my ethics my emotional self!!!


In my opinion this is the way to go for a New year resolution if you actually want to see a change!

So this is the year of Minimalism for me!!!!

The entire idea gives me butterflies and flutters and goose bumps all over me!!!

For me minimalism is: A modern geometric monochromatic home which meets all aesthetic demands and is a cinch to cleanup with zero clutter and maximum organization with a place for everything!!

For me capsule wardrobe is: A wardrobe of basic outfits with pops of color and uniforms that meets all my daily needs alongwith dressing up in 5 min chic uniforms!!!

A minimal home and a capsule wardrobe are the two things that sound insaaaaaanely dreaaaamy to me right now! And I am insaaaaanely excited to get started on them!!

Would love to hear about your New Year resolutions!!!!

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!!


End of the year is always a time to reflect!!!!

Ahhhhh where do I start!

It has been a fun fun funtastic year!!! Fulllllll of ups annd downs!!

Life has taken many a turns with the highlights such as my third addition to the family




I have taken on  a complete overhaul from being  a mom to three kids


Swimming classes


Personal goals


More up to date with the house work

Major home décor tips

Major shift towards minimalism


Traditions I started this year


This year I started another tradition for our family. Well two of them rather than one.

    1. Book as a present

On every birthday  I will gift a book to my kids with my personal message on it.  The idea is to build reading habit and also by the time they grow up they will have a whole collection of books with personal msgs from me!!!!

I love that idea!

Board game day!

Sounds fun doesn’t it!!! In this era of gaming and kids growing up so fast, I want to hoard on the moments that I have with them. So every sat after breakfast we sit on the table for a board game!!!!!! And I cannot tell you how awesome it is. The idea is to spend family time like scheduled family time so in the ups and downs of life we don’t have to worry about MAKING the time. Its like a doctors appointment! You have to be there present!!!

That one hour of squeals and laughters is one of the most precious traditions and habits we have nurtured this year!!!!!


    1. Design Achievements


Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!! This is a looooong journey and a really hard one!! But If you have been aware I have battled with Design fears you would know what its like!!!

Gotten over the fear of paint!!!!!




Learning the ropes of DIY

DIY Canvas light art Collage 1

Up until this year my DIY skills suffered the most with alot of ambitions in  my head but bad results!

But this year has been a turning point!! I have been able to nail a series of successful DIY projects! Like this DIY Canvas light art

Honing DIY skills

DSC_1145DIY Color block planter 1

Learning the ropes

Embracing minimalism!!!

This has to be the turning point of some sort Cause I am making the move into minimalist ideology!!! I am supremely excited about it!! And Intent to share the journey with you.


On the whole I have had a gorgeous splendid 2016 with major personal and professional achievements and here is to a happy gorgeous successful 2017!!!!!!



New Moms wishlist

This mothers day i will be a mom to three gorgeous kids!!!! Hard to believe but ture!!!

Rewarding yes as much as it sounds its hectic!!!! Loooove every minute of it! But it comes with a price. Its like every second of my day is occupied and I plan on gathering as many stress busters around me as I can. Personal space and me time are some of the precious things compromised along with sleep! But being a veteran at this I have a couple of hacks to ease out this process without losing my entire self to the mommy cap I wear all the time!

So if you are new at this or you know someone who is going to be new at this here are a couple of things I have shortlisted which in my opinion every new mom needs right now!! :


  1. MOBY WRAP: For any new mom its an absolute must. My kids are always spending a huge amount of time on me or hanging over me. Its easily one of the cleverest way to handle work and a newborn together!!! Baby gets so cozy and comfy and sleeps in peace, while you get to do all the hard work in peace! e3899e37-c2c7-4e48-b8e7-2a8b220eb7e2.jpg._CB328304059_
  2. NECK PILLOW:For those loooong nights of nursing when you are too tired and sleepy to stay awake or even to sit up, this travel essential becomes a clever way to make life easier. Your neck stays in place and gives you one less pain to endure.588973657_977
  3. Tummy Belt: This is one essential which is an absolute must must must for every post pregnancy body. All my pregnancies were different. In the first one I bounced back in shape almost instantly. Except for the pooch. At that time i had no idea about the importance of this thing. It just happened to be around and I just wrapped it. Boy am i glad i did. Because it was absolutely amazing. it helped me heal my stitches and also kept my tummy in place. Which made it so much easier to get back into my old self. 7c
  4. Sibling Board: When I saw this concept I immediately fell in love with it!!!! I could only imagine my toddlers lit up eyes on seeing this! i like to keep my independence as a mom. And being a parent has never hampered my active lifestyle. So i was not planning to stop with my third one either. So with one infant one toddler and one preschooler in tow. This seems to me like the prefect crusading the mall device. Can’t wait to take it out for a spin.

Drink lots of water lots of soup and lots of healthy snacks to keep your mommy tummy full and your energy levels up. These are some of the best few moments of your life cherish them as much as you can. What I have learnt is that right planning and stress busters go along way in keeping your head sane. And when you are calm and in control you can obviously take a much better care of tiny people around you.

All the best to all the new mommies out there!!! 😉