Painted ceiling reveal

Can I be the first one to say OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!

black and white striped ceiling edited 6

Can you see the transformation!!

black and white striped ceiling 18

black and white striped ceiling 10

This has to be the easiest way to spruce up a room on a weekend!!

Black and white striped ceiling

You can take a look at the entire process here


Here is what it looked like once the tapes were removed!!

DSC_5311black and white striped ceiling 21

black and white striped ceiling 7

black and white striped ceiling 21black and white striped ceiling 14black and white striped ceiling 10

black and white ceiling 23

Love love love it!!!!!!

Hopefully I inspired you to add stripes in your life and to make your home the sweet place you hardly want to get out of!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Painted DIY ceiling

DSC_4914 (2)DSC_4910DSC_4913

Do you know the design trend for 2016 is painted ceiling!!!

Tooooo bold for me was my first thought! But yeeees ofcouuurse i have to admit whom am i kidding! it looks amazing!!!

But i still didnt realize i will actually get off my back and actually do it. Reason fear of failure too much work sounds impossible on my own

Did i mention i am a sucker for black and white stripes! currently working on my living room gallery wall I had to find replacement for my black and white stripes art canvas for it was not working.

but the living room is screaaaaaming for the dramatic contrasting mesmerizing stripes.

And thn it hit me

The blaah ceiling can be turned into wow!!!!

Here is what you need

Duct tape I used the 2 inch one


paint brush


Here is what I did

This is what I love about stripes! Its like playing with tape like we used to when we were kids!!!

How fun is that

Simply roll out tape and make stripes in whichever pattern you like!

I started from the left end and made the slanting lines leaving a gap of about 2 inches. When I reached the end I started from the middle and did the center triangle. And finished it off with slanting lines on the right!

When you are done with taping just take out the paint and brush and start painting!!!

THE ONNNLY most important thing you need to consider is to be weary of the drips! Coz there will be.

1.Make sure you dont have excess paint on the brush when you dip it in the paint.

2.Cover evvvvvverything below that area for maximum protection and scrubbing avoidance.

3.If you do drip make sure to hop right down and wipe it off till its still wet. So plenty of wiping off clothes on hand!


Let it dry for a day or two

And than remove!!!


To be revealed sooon! But let me tell you it is inteeeense!!!!

Have a gorgeous day ahead!!!

Grid feature wall bedroom


Lately with grid patterns taking so much of our lives both in decor and in fashion its only fair to give them more space

We are drawn to them for their simplicity their bold geometrical statement they make!

They can uplift anything from plain boring to drama without fuss!

The simple pattern got me thinking how would it look as a feature wall!!


My bedroom was sceeeaming for an uplift!!!

Thus I decided to turn it into a grid feature wall using duct tapes!!!



DIY Black and white feature wall


DSC_0849 - Copy

How dreadful is that bland wall!!!!!!

For this project all I needed was

  1. duct tape
  2. scissors
  3. ladder

and that is it!!!!!!

DSC_0853 - Copy

i started off with horiontal lines. No measuring or scaling required. Just keep adjusting as you go!

You might need to back off the wall at times to see where the wall is going.

I used a large scale to keep the widht distance measurement and simply followed it as I went on starting from bottom towards the top!


It looks pretty easy doesn’t it!!!

WELL !!!!!


IT WAS!!!!!!!


OMG!!!!!! the trasformation is almost jaw dropping!!


It took me only two hours to take a dull wall into  a bursting fun wall!!!!


I am in love with it!!!


If you look closely the duct tape is acting up at times!!! At certain places it seemed to have a mind of its own!!!!




But the overall effect is to die for!!!! It is superb!!! And look I found a matching duvet cover as well!!!

I love that its answering my black and white minimal mood!!!

I love how clean and quick it was!!!

And the entire transformation cost me about 5 $!!

I used about 5 rolls of 1/2 black duct tape!! And I still have some left!!


Here is the before and after!





Here is one more before and after look!!!




Its an awesome Weekend project when our walls and homes need some love and we home owners simply don’t have time or money to deliver!!!!

Have a fantastic day!!!!

DIY color block planters

Need any excuse to get your hands in this pic 🙂 🙂 pretty colors and cotton swabs.. aren’t they tempting


I used them to create these color block planters..

DIY Color block planter 1 - Copy

Well in this pic they are still in the process…

DIY colorblock planter 2



For this simple DIY you need:

  • Planters of your choice
  • duct tape
  • acrylic paints of your choice: it largely depends on what pots you are using. Clay would need something else. But i used plastic. So acrylic paints worked fine for me.



  1. Tape the planters in pattern of your choice or just random. Like I did!


And Paint!!!!


Now i have always had difficulty with acrylic paints almost on every material. So in this case too when I used paint brush, it gave me really dreary lines all over with a total yuck effect! So i dropped brush and used cotton swabs instead. As you can see in this picture the different strokes I got while using the two.


Anyone else having this difficulty?!?!

Let me know your solutions or maybe the riight way of using acrylic paints 😀

So cotton swabs are a winner for me!!!


And this is the end result!!!! I looooooove the pop of color and the life they are bringing to these plants! And my window sill!!


I let them dry for a few days!! before peeling the tape off! Well it was more out of procrastination than any other reason. But when I did peel, they were completely dry and whenI peeled them I had to line the tape with a scale where the paint and tape were meeting. Just to separate them, otherwise it was the paint off!!


That is all the work I put into this project!!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!!!!