Feature wall round up

This year I have been busy with alot of sprucing up!! It has been alloooong time and my walls have been screaming for help everywhere!!!

I first started the room which was mesed up the msot the kids room

It went from blah to blah blah  and some more blah blah blah and finally it got shaped into the colorblock wall statement it was meant to be!!

DSC_7492girls bedroom makeover 19

The process was easy!! not that hard. I think that the hardest part was choosing the colors. The rest was a weekends work for sure!!

You can read all about it here and see the before and after posts as well here.

And the room transformation here

The next was my room screamng for help again

SO for my room I did something different!

I ditched paint!! And literallly it was a 2 hour project!!!!


I turned the blah wall in my room into a show stopping grid wall

You can view the entire wall and the before/after here Grid feature wall bedroom!!

Our living room has been sporting the cutest chalkboard wall!!!! And the compliments we get for it are like unbelievable!! Its literally the most amazing feature wall we could have!

here is our chalkboard wall

chalkboard wall 1

you can read all about it here

And here is what I did to it!!!!

As if the chalkboard wall was not enough!!

I added black and white striped ceiling zing!!!!!!!

you can check out the entire post here and here!

There are a couple more projects all under 30 $ that I am still working on and will soon be sharing!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired this New Year to bring your walls and homes to life!!

Have a fantastic day!!!


End of the year is always a time to reflect!!!!

Ahhhhh where do I start!

It has been a fun fun funtastic year!!! Fulllllll of ups annd downs!!

Life has taken many a turns with the highlights such as my third addition to the family




I have taken on  a complete overhaul from being  a mom to three kids


Swimming classes


Personal goals


More up to date with the house work

Major home décor tips

Major shift towards minimalism


Traditions I started this year


This year I started another tradition for our family. Well two of them rather than one.

    1. Book as a present

On every birthday  I will gift a book to my kids with my personal message on it.  The idea is to build reading habit and also by the time they grow up they will have a whole collection of books with personal msgs from me!!!!

I love that idea!

Board game day!

Sounds fun doesn’t it!!! In this era of gaming and kids growing up so fast, I want to hoard on the moments that I have with them. So every sat after breakfast we sit on the table for a board game!!!!!! And I cannot tell you how awesome it is. The idea is to spend family time like scheduled family time so in the ups and downs of life we don’t have to worry about MAKING the time. Its like a doctors appointment! You have to be there present!!!

That one hour of squeals and laughters is one of the most precious traditions and habits we have nurtured this year!!!!!


    1. Design Achievements


Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!! This is a looooong journey and a really hard one!! But If you have been aware I have battled with Design fears you would know what its like!!!

Gotten over the fear of paint!!!!!




Learning the ropes of DIY

DIY Canvas light art Collage 1

Up until this year my DIY skills suffered the most with alot of ambitions in  my head but bad results!

But this year has been a turning point!! I have been able to nail a series of successful DIY projects! Like this DIY Canvas light art

Honing DIY skills

DSC_1145DIY Color block planter 1

Learning the ropes

Embracing minimalism!!!

This has to be the turning point of some sort Cause I am making the move into minimalist ideology!!! I am supremely excited about it!! And Intent to share the journey with you.


On the whole I have had a gorgeous splendid 2016 with major personal and professional achievements and here is to a happy gorgeous successful 2017!!!!!!



Ferraro Rocher brownies

ferraro rocher brownies 1 (2)ferraro rocher brownies 1

ferrarro rocher brownies 5ferraro rocher brownies 4

What do you do with leftover chocolates!!! how can you make chocolate better!! What could be better than chocolates!! Turn them into oyeeee goyeeeee brownies!!!

I had like about three boxes of chocolates around! and even I thought to myself this is a bit more than I would like to see consumed or spoilt in a few days. So I had to figure out to make a use of it!

My solution… Make a big batch of brownies and freeze some for those desperate cravings or for five minute gorgeous desserts orrrrrr to binge eat with a tub of vanilla ice cream!!!!

My absolute fav brownie recipe is surprisingly easy Is adapted from one of olllld Nigella Lawsons recipes. But is an absolute go to and a smacker evvvvverytime! And this time was no exception even if the ingredients were not as fancy as one would imagine!


Butter                                                    300 gms

white sugar                                           150 gms

brown sugar packed                           150 gms

cocoa powder                                        3/4 cups

eggs                                                          4

baking soda                                           1/2 tsp

flour                                                         2 cups

ferraro rocher chocolate chopped    1 cup


  1. In a sauce pan melt the butter. Add the sugars and let them all melt .
  2. Add cocoa powder and flour to it as well.
  3. Remove from heat and add the vanilla essence and eggs one at a time.
  4. Make sure the melted butter and sugars are not hot enough to turn it into scrambled eggs.
  5. In the end add the chocolate rubble and stir it all with a wooden spoon.
  6. Pour in a tin foil mould for easy removal and cleaning and bake in te oven for about 320 C.
  7. Let it cool. n enjoy.

It can last in the freezer for about three months.

The secret to most amazzing fudgy from the inside and cracking from the top brownies is in removing it out of the oven while the toothipck inserted comes out with abt three to four dots of the batter. That way the brownies are cooked through but not dried out!

Juuuust perfect!

Design Fears


*marbling pics and pics of paint colors

LOOOOOVE paint!! get over your fear!! watch videos tutorials. practice on small bits whatsoever!! just get over with that fear. The best part is the more you do it the better you will get at it. Trust me the first time is always difficult and u might have to gulp down a ton of mess. But TRUST ME its worth it. The fun you will soon have in mixing colors and creating master pieces on pennies is priceless!!! see DIY projects here and here


I used to love cluster wall. I would droool endlessly over one wall or the other. But i would wince at the thought of inserting a nail in my wall for fear of leaving a dent or a hole or a chipped paint in place where i dont want it! My recipe: JUST DO IT!!!!

Art looks AMAZING!!!!! whereever you put it!! esp if you are an art lover or your 6 yr old is a magician with a paint brush 🙂 But trust me youd NEVER regret putting it up there. You will just keep adding and adding to it 🙂 and it will soon become an obsession.. WE dont mind that do we 🙂 🙂 No you wont break the wall trust me 😀



Budget designing is tricky complicated and risky. there is always the risk of running out or sth not working or looooong period of time till it all gets done. well you gotta to lvoe it. budget designing allows honning other skills like DIYs flea maket finds and remake and remodelings. its fun! if you think its fun! you will find your way in any buget hole you can think of. ANd the second rule to live by for budgeted ppl is planning. PLAN PLAN PLAN! get everything ready before uou set up. plan and schedule purchases around your bdays and holidays. so you can ask for the right things that can boost your work. you will work it out real fast. its the easiest of all hurdles to master in my opinion.


Fear of a design project turning bad. it happens. it always does. its mostly trial and error. its your creativity with so many variables that its almost impossible to hope for explicit resutlts. so it happened you have ruined your entry. now what

live with it till your head finds out you need to pluck the courage to live with taht awful wall color for a month or two. no one is perfect and home owners with a limited budget and experience and trial and error method often experienve it. Dont let the grief of it sink you. Trust me in a month you are going to turn it into a mesmerizing jaw dropping masterpiece 🙂 trust yourself and your instincts always.

Bonus: everytime you d look at it you would itch to get it back in shape and thats motivation to get better right there 🙂


the inevitable part of design process is when you hit against a wall. Design challenges are everywhere! you need to adapt one way or the other. Sooner you make peace with that faster will be the design process.


The one thing that is amazing about internet is… IT IS PAAAAAACKED WITH INSPIRATION!!!!!! chokefull of it. So when you do hit a wall there are a few steps that you can take to get you out of there in no time

  1. take a break! realize this is not going to work! the swing you wanted up there cannot go up coz the landlord wont allow. its a loss coz it was just too pretty to be missed and without the swing the room will lose its centerpiece and texture and color and this this this…
  2. ALLOW Yourself to whine a little bit.. in a respectable appropriate manner with the best possible options you have. blogger friends/ husband/mom/sis/twitter
  3. figure out why it was important. Which means all the whiny bit go through it with a sane cold head. and list specifically what would miss from the room now and write down HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT in some other form. e.g. how can i add texture? how can i add drama without piercing wall?? how can i add sitting area without crowding the floor space??
  4. Literally drop the idea. Simply let it go. tell yourself deliberately no i am not going to go for the swing!
  5. AND THEEEEN!! with this mental state DIIIIIIIIIIVE into inspiratioon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 the most fun part!!!! I looooove surrounding myself with images that stir my imagination and make my head whiz with ideas. I am sure all you creative geniuses know what i am talking about 😉 its out secret eccentric rush!


With this much inspiration i am sure you’d hardly know where or when or how to stop!!!! and live with the mantra

with every design process good or bad I will get better and better 🙂