Minimalist wishlist


1.Minimal coat hanger I normally have an aversion for coat hangers! In my opinion its something we all need but dont really want!! But this one I cant really get over!!

2.Bottle grinder The thing that I loooooove about minimalism is sleek lines and texture!!! And if you find it in everday things that will be fantastic!!

3.geometric sculpture I looove the geometric play in sleek unexpectred lines! And the fact that you can use it as a planter is a bonus I cannot look over. Considerig my obsession with geometric and minimal planters as I share here

4.white tray A perfect sleek thing for all your buts and baubles. And is so versatile I think I am going to grab a couple of them!

5.Faceted crystal tumblers A gorgeous blend of sleek design and function answers my geometrical shape mood completely!

6.Contemporary white clock The last thing on my list is an all white minimal clock to add pun in any room!!

Planter wishlist


I absolutely love green!!! I loooooove having plants around me!

And by the look of the design trends I am not the only one! In my opinion If there is one thing which can bring a place to life its the green injected in the form of teeny tiny succulent or that hanging water plant!!

Although I wish I knew more about taking care of them (yikes!) But that can never stop me! I mean how can you resist these beauties!!!

My current favorites are always succulents!!! along with cactus some air plants and some odd ones that look faintly familiar with cactus or succulents!

What else I love are the various planters that are making a regular

Here is a list of all the cool planters I am obsessing over these days!!

  1. Triangular hanging containers:

This is at the top of my wishlist!! I loooove the white, I love that it is destined to take over a wall and I love the metallic detail!!

2. Glass Prism

Its glass, its versatile and its geometric!! Need I say more!!!

3. Geometric Pottery

I looooove the gorgeous cuts!!! Its just soo unexpected sooooo cuuute soooo fuun!!!

4.Macrame Plant hanger

We have seen these everywhere from blakenly to Lonny!! And we all agree it looks awesome!!!!

5.Yano Planter

Succulents were always a design trend, but guess what! They look even better bunched up!!!!! This Yano planter is the perfect centerpiece you need to jazz up your coffee tables! with a bunch of succulents nucely potted in them!

6.Case Study Ceramic Planter

This white planter with the color block stand is hands down my favourtie!!! It has the potential to bring any dead tricky corner to life!!! And whats better insert two of them in varying heights instead of just one! and use them for cactus!!!! Lovelovelove!!!

New Moms wishlist

This mothers day i will be a mom to three gorgeous kids!!!! Hard to believe but ture!!!

Rewarding yes as much as it sounds its hectic!!!! Loooove every minute of it! But it comes with a price. Its like every second of my day is occupied and I plan on gathering as many stress busters around me as I can. Personal space and me time are some of the precious things compromised along with sleep! But being a veteran at this I have a couple of hacks to ease out this process without losing my entire self to the mommy cap I wear all the time!

So if you are new at this or you know someone who is going to be new at this here are a couple of things I have shortlisted which in my opinion every new mom needs right now!! :


  1. MOBY WRAP: For any new mom its an absolute must. My kids are always spending a huge amount of time on me or hanging over me. Its easily one of the cleverest way to handle work and a newborn together!!! Baby gets so cozy and comfy and sleeps in peace, while you get to do all the hard work in peace! e3899e37-c2c7-4e48-b8e7-2a8b220eb7e2.jpg._CB328304059_
  2. NECK PILLOW:For those loooong nights of nursing when you are too tired and sleepy to stay awake or even to sit up, this travel essential becomes a clever way to make life easier. Your neck stays in place and gives you one less pain to endure.588973657_977
  3. Tummy Belt: This is one essential which is an absolute must must must for every post pregnancy body. All my pregnancies were different. In the first one I bounced back in shape almost instantly. Except for the pooch. At that time i had no idea about the importance of this thing. It just happened to be around and I just wrapped it. Boy am i glad i did. Because it was absolutely amazing. it helped me heal my stitches and also kept my tummy in place. Which made it so much easier to get back into my old self. 7c
  4. Sibling Board: When I saw this concept I immediately fell in love with it!!!! I could only imagine my toddlers lit up eyes on seeing this! i like to keep my independence as a mom. And being a parent has never hampered my active lifestyle. So i was not planning to stop with my third one either. So with one infant one toddler and one preschooler in tow. This seems to me like the prefect crusading the mall device. Can’t wait to take it out for a spin.

Drink lots of water lots of soup and lots of healthy snacks to keep your mommy tummy full and your energy levels up. These are some of the best few moments of your life cherish them as much as you can. What I have learnt is that right planning and stress busters go along way in keeping your head sane. And when you are calm and in control you can obviously take a much better care of tiny people around you.

All the best to all the new mommies out there!!! 😉









Wishlist collage 1


Facial Brush: My new goal for 2015 is to take care of my skin which has been recieving serious negligence for the past year. (Last years goal was to focus on abs 🙂 ). So coveting this facial brush which has raging reviews and a not so heavy price tag. The plan is to intricate into my nightly beauty regime and before putting on the serum, and waking up to a healthy glow!!

Lip Balm: I am a mom of two, who is well always busy and always on a run. So for my run I usually show up in my workout clothes and (GASP..) no make up!! I hate getting up and slathering myself up with makeup. But lack of color on my face I didn’t appreciate that much. So this Dior Lip balm sounds divine. (Coz the only thing I want to apply is lip balm). Absolutely on to top of my wishlist!!

Olay Regenerist: Next thing I want to add to my beauty regime is a serum to defy aging. I should have done that couple of years ago, coz they say the earlier you start the better, nevertheless here we go. This is the product I have chosen for me. Off the shelf you might say. But effective as I have heard.

Truck Art Chair: Absolutely needing, dreaming, coveting this Truck art chair. I need this statement piece in my home for sure this 2015!!!!

Succulents: i have always had a crush on succulents. And its been a while I have been dreaming of them. I have the perfect spot to place them in my living room, by  the window, on the coffee table, on the vignette. Well almost everywhere. And its about time I go out there and get some.

That Door: I just recently found this beautiful creation. And instantly I am in love. I kind of see it as an extension to the truck art love affair. What I see is some sort of creation in future inspired by this door. I hope its a door though 😀

HAPPY 2015!!!!!!!