DIY Ikea hack light Chandelier


Raise your hand if you are a big fan of the gorrrgeous paper lights!

The glow of these lights is simply ethereal!!!!!

And I absolutley looooove the ambiance it creates!!!

The effect of the white ruffles of paper softens the light ten fold and somehow the light pouring out effect makes the whole chandelier into a dreamy glow!

And created from the humblest of all ingredients or tools

All you need is a:

  • Paper lantern of any shape and size
  • Parchment paper roll (depending on the shape and size of the light you want)
  • stapler pins

I loooove the DIYs which work without the glue!! I haaate glue and the stickiness and the messines! I am sure there are better crafts ppl out there who love glue and cannot be without it! But its simply not for me!


Enough for the glue

lets make it on to the DIY

DIY light chandelier 1

With the supplies on hand on with the show

DIY Collages

  1. Simply roll out the parchemnt paper and tear it till about 12 inch long.
  2. Crumple the paper into a ball by scrunching it in your hand.
  3. Start at the bottom and wrap it loosely around the lantern.Staple it in place to the lantern.
  4. Continue to repeat this process till the whole lantern is covered.
  5. Hang it up!


This is the unlit messy version you are aiming for!!

But let it glow!!!



How mesmerizing is that!!



DIY light chandelier 3


Let me know what you think about this easy DIY! This continues to be one of the easiest DIYs I have shared here! For some more DIY inspiration take a look at my DIY page! And for a complete view of girls bedroom makeover go DIY here

Enjoy your day!!

Peanut butter toast

This post is for tea lovers!

peanut butter toast 5peanut butter toast 6

I am obsessed with tea! My mornings are usually I am sitting here at my desk with a hot steamy cup of tea and a gorgeous toast with peanut butter and banana on the table with me! The temperature is mildly chilly the most amazing feeling when you have like just barely there cold and you take your cup of tea and wrap your fingers around it and than slowly take a sip and it hits at all the right places! Makes me smile both inside and outside!!

And than I reach out for my crunchy crispy toast slathered with peanut butter and topped with banana! It has been like good 15 minutes I made this and got sucked in to facebook! The flavors had the perfect chance to blend in and they did!!!!! the toast is still crunchy and the slathered part has almost melted sweet banana and a slightly salty peanut butter perfectly rhyming with it and balancing all the flavors!

peanut butter toast 9

My love for these toasts has grown tremendously over the past 6 months!

Why the past six months you say

For the longest time ever I have been hunting for a perfect pairing with my cup of tea! Which is healthy (I used to opt for biscuits) and low cal (a call from oat muffins)

This came as the answer to all my prayers!! First off I fell in love with this killer combo! This toast is my absolute favorite!!! my go to! I think I have consumed about three jars of peanut butter using solely to create this toast! (miind you it takes 1 tsp) !!! So probably 100s.

The second…

It takes mins to prepare!! As you can see no preparation at all! For a work day or for my own self I am not looking for wasting my time cooking!

After this tea and toast and a stroll around the web with my favorite bloggers! My mornings feel juuuust right and the world seems a better place!

peanut butter toast 8Although I always stick to the very basic version for me which is the peanut butter banana version. But I have often experimented with other toppings as well. Sometimes when I was looking for variation. Sometimes when I ran out of stuff. And at times when something just sounded right in my head 🙂

They all have same things in common. They are structured to satisfy the sweet tooth in me. There is a bit of fruit and some healthy carbs and a creaminess to gel it all together. You can also drizzle bit of honey on top to boost the sweetness or to intensify the flavor.

The craziest combo that I have experimented with is peanut on peanut combo!!!! Yup that can work too. I won’t say I have converted yet! It definitely steps into more varied taste zones. I won’t say I completely discard it. It just needs better pairing with another tea kind perhaps.

So lets talk about them..

Peanut butter strawberry:

This is a combo which works. Its one of those foolproof gorgeous snacks that you can satisfy your sweet tooth with at all times!

Peanut butter Peanut Toast:

Nutty is the first thing that popped in my head as I sank my teeth into it. Its totaaaaallly nutty!! Bordering savouriness. Esp coz I choose toasted salted peanuts. I felt it could use the help of trusted honey drizzle. I would blame my tea in this combo. It would go perfectly with a sweet apple tea or some other fruity tea. I usually go for plain black tea with milk (and shhhh..sugar ;D ). With that I usu need something tad bit more sweeter than my tea. So loved the combo but would definitely pair it with some other drink.

peanut butter toast 4

peanut butter toast 10

Peanut butter almond Toast:

This is another nut on nut experiment. I looooove almonds to the extent of biasness!! 😀 I looove them on almost anything. In stir fries salads you name it. if I am out of ideas for snacks I usually rely on a handful of almonds or cashew nuts. So in this version again not tooo salty not at all sweet. It was like a neutral flavor (if there is any such thing 😀 ) but with my slightly sweet black tea it worked beautifully!! Do try this one and let me know what you think!

Peanut butter banana:

My absolute go to my most favorite reliable breakfast of all times. I am sure we all know what we are talking about here! We all have our own reasons to love it! It just goes without saying your childhood sandwich combo can seep into your adult life as well!!

Do give them a shot and let me know what you think about them. Which one was your favorite. Which combos worked for you and which ones uuuuuuuummmm… not so much.

I seem to have this thing with toasts. Here is some more delish hassle free toast ideas to make your mornings (or evenings!) easier!!

Grilled Halloumi Sandwich 5

Grilled Halloumi sandwich


Red bean breakfast bruschetta


1st Birthday

Last week my littlest one turned one!!!!

Time flies seriously!!! Where is it going!!!!!! and sooooo fast!!!!!!

I had the funnest year ever with this little dude!!

For all my kids I like to take the pains to create something sweet and special!

And this guy was no exception.. I looooooove doing this thing. Preparing! Planning! creating!

However over the years my goals have changed significantly!

From over the top parties to simple stuff_ which creates maximum impact with the least amount of effort!.. Possible!!!!

So for this memorable day my goal was to keep it simple and fresh as well…

I had this gorgeous lime card paper stored so I had in mind to use it as a pop of color!!

The idea was to have all white backgrounds with these splashes of lime popping in..


The cake ofcourse had to be the panda cake! Coz it is just sooooo darn cute for a 1st bday!


I loooove throwing parties and real big parties for sure but this once I wanted a really cozy small sweet party! So I created some very few desserts but made sure that all of them hit the right spots! I created these jello cubes which my kids adddddore!! They are the easiest funnest and the cutest recipe anyone will ever need!


No party is complete without the cupcakes. So I created these no fuss vanilla cupcakes. They turned absolutely amazing!! And i did not regret having them at alllll!!


Out of my beloved cardstock I created this simple backdrop of 3D diamonds! And I absolutely loooooooved the way it turned out!!!

It was easy as pie and totally agreed with the rest of the colors.



I added a little sweets tray to mucnh on during the party and get the sugar rush waaay before its needed!!! 😀 😀


I filled this translucent basket with some kinetic clay and hid these cards inside. The luckiest one got the easiest job!!! 😀 😀 ;D

1st birthday 17

So this is how we did our sweet little 1st birthday!!! I am so pleased with the way it turned out and my kids had a blast!! Notice the absence of the traditional party goods like banners hats and balloons! And how even without the “considered essentials” it works just fine!!!

Alll smiles for that!!


Let me know what you think of this Panda party with a pop of color! If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them?

Have a gorgeous day!

Freak Shake

With the winters around for some time now  I always start craving for summer around this time! Although we know that we are gonna get a real good taste of summer! But still we humans!

To bring some of the summer back I treated myself to this freakshake

And loved it soo much I ended up using it for the CARS Birthday Party I recently held for my 3 year old!


Its a very simple very delicious very (may I say) gorgeous Freak Shake!!

It relies on one of the principle ingredients Nutella to derive its flavour and fun from.

Topppings!!! hmmmm well they vary!

I chose the toppings I relied on the most! a.k.a oreos, and maltesers and a chocolate straw!

Nutella Ice cream shake


vanilla ice cream                             1 cup

milk                                                     1/2 cup

nutella                                                2 Tbsp


  1. In a food processor blitz together milk, ice cream and nutella.
  2. Take a mug and smear some nutella on the inside with the back of a spoon. Than using same spoon smear some on the outer rim of the glass. Take oreos and stick them to the chocolate.
  3. Pour the ice cream smoothie in the Mugs and top with chocolate cake and some whipped cream or some more ice cream!!! Add chocolate straw and chocolate syrup or nuts!
  4. Enjoy!!