Eye candy

The moment i looked at these photographs by NewYork based photographer.. Skip Hunt.. i knew i had to get my hands on them.. i mean look at his work.. marvellous.. i have never fallen in love with colors before.. these are an absolute must have.. I ran into these with an equally enchanting conversation with the photographer on a fellow bloggers website.. http://www.homeworkshop.com/.. visit it for more info and fun.. and for an even better treat check out the photographers website.. http://www.skiphuntphotography.com/ it is pure and absolute fun.. enchanting even.. i mean just look at the colored boats photo.. what living room would be complete without a gingantic canvas of that.. or that house where colors are like stepping on each other.. creating a myriad.. amazing..

Sweet Thoughts

Hi all,
I started my day today with a huge juicy mango and a pastry quiz!!.. delish.com has this pastry quiz on their site with pictures that can make you droool… i just love looking at those irresistable looking tarts and pies and hey do u know wat a cobbler is??? or a biorche.. i hope i am spelling this right… check this out for a visual treat even if u are not interesting in the names or types..http://www.delish.com/food-fun/quizzes/sweet-pastry-photo-quiz?gt1=47001..

this is my first ever blog entry.. n i was thinking y not start it with a sweet thought.. i was watching this movie on tv a few days ago.. n there was this sweet girl telling a moving story about her father.. of how she wanted gold ear rings for her birthday.. but instead she got a copy of Jane Eyre.. with a beautiful inscription from her dad.. n how she was on the search of that book… that now she was collecting all the second hand books with inscriptions written on them.. in the hope of finding her dad..

what a sweet thought..

wont it be lovely to give ur daughter the gift of Jane Eyre.. with a personal inscription.. to make it all personal and special… i would love to do that for my daughter..