Black and white bedroom

I am always obsessed with black and white, but would I go to an extent for living in a dark room! I had no idea.
When making over this room my husband and I rotated from yellow to plum to I dont knw what.. we simply could not make up our mind.. My head was made up for charcoal but we had used it already for another masculine room in our home so it had to be something else and it had to be something that blended with black and white.. so we were thinking black, white, and yellow..
But when my brother in law asked me what color WE need.. I said black.. My BIL went like black :O I nodded slowly.. and in my head I went like Black?!?!?!? But the deed was done and I was bent on making it work.. I have to say I loved the effect it was not scary or overwhelming as every ones reaction was initially and it coordinated beautifully with my other black and white stuff.. and quenched my thirst for the black annnnd white.. 😀
Then came the other design thing.. The headboard.. I removed the old headboard gently disregarding my husbands plea who prefers functionality over style.. but I simply could not bear to live with the horrendous thing.. and I loved the without headboard look and giant comfy pillows waaaay over it.. thus came the design and the inspiration that fell right into place giving our focal wall length and character.. and a place for my lovely sunburst mirror to shine..
My absolute favourite is the ikea SVINGA hanging chair.. There is nothing more fun than having my morning cup of tea and bruschetta while pinteresting on my fav chair overlooking the cars passing by…
black-and-white-bedroom7 black-and-white-bedroom8
So this is my black and white bedroom I have to say pretty serene it is.. LOVED the black wall.. and its the new neutral for me.. I can incorporate anything into it from reds to pinks to greys to blues and yellows.. surprisingly I am glad we made this choice

Bedding…… ikea
lamps…… homes r us
sunburst mirror…….. global village
cushions….. ikea
ikat cushions…… Marina homes
sheepskin throw and swing chair…… ikea
curtains…… Dragon mart
map cushion… loose fabric found at a retail in Pakistan and custom stitched

photo credits: me