Painted ceiling reveal

Can I be the first one to say OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!

black and white striped ceiling edited 6

Can you see the transformation!!

black and white striped ceiling 18

black and white striped ceiling 10

This has to be the easiest way to spruce up a room on a weekend!!

Black and white striped ceiling

You can take a look at the entire process here


Here is what it looked like once the tapes were removed!!

DSC_5311black and white striped ceiling 21

black and white striped ceiling 7

black and white striped ceiling 21black and white striped ceiling 14black and white striped ceiling 10

black and white ceiling 23

Love love love it!!!!!!

Hopefully I inspired you to add stripes in your life and to make your home the sweet place you hardly want to get out of!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Girls room makeover : Before

DSC_0035DSC_0036My daughters room has been neglected for loooong!!!! i cant say how long!! lets just say its a dreary place with half ass projects.. It started out as a well intended room to serve the needs of my pre schooler daughter and an infant boy. Thus it had two feature walls one in pink which had the headboard side of the room and the other in silver grey which had the tv and the storage side of the room.

Bad purchase this bed with the hideous headboard and the barbie duvet cover.


cutting down on the clutter!


the rest of the room is as cluttered as it could get. With no storage space or wall features.

When I broke it down to the tasks OMG!!!!! crrrrrrrazy amount of work to fix this place!!!!!

girls room makeover 1

girls room makeover before 2

It will be a while before i see the best of this place!!!!! I am really excited about it as well.. Lets see how it turns out!!!!!

On with the journey!!!!!! 🙂 🙂