DIY Art: Easy string diamond art


easy DIY diamond string art 8

I have been on a DIY ride for some time. Well I am not the best at it, I have to admit. Some projects fumble and crumble right in front of my eyes coz i am too lazy to actually care too much :). But i love the simple fun 5-10 min projects preferably non messy.

So here is one of my really fun, easy peasy and non messy project which is an absolute delightful art addition to my home. I am in love with this diamond. And it took me no less than 10 mins to finish! Now who wouldn’t want that!!!

Here is how i did it!


  • one canvas: i used the small size
  • thread in choice of your color
  • needle
  • pencil and scale to sketch

easy DIY sting art Collage 1



1. sketch the diamond or any shape that you wish.

2. Thread the needle and get going.

easy DIY sting art Collage 23. Bring the needle from the bottom up from one corner to the other to make nice straight lines. Avoid overlapping underneath the canvas or using too much string so there are littles amount of shadows.

4. Keep going! When you run out of thread simply loop it into the nearest knot. just avoid making a thread mess behind the canvas, coz it can overshadow your art.

easy DIY diamond string art 7

5. And Ta-da!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

easy DIY diamond string art 9

This beauty works every where soooo well!!! Love it on my workplace, with fav plant or my corner table.

Finally a happy DIY!!!!!

If you try this do show me the results.I would love to see what you did!!

Have a great day!!