DIY Ikea hack light Chandelier


Raise your hand if you are a big fan of the gorrrgeous paper lights!

The glow of these lights is simply ethereal!!!!!

And I absolutley looooove the ambiance it creates!!!

The effect of the white ruffles of paper softens the light ten fold and somehow the light pouring out effect makes the whole chandelier into a dreamy glow!

And created from the humblest of all ingredients or tools

All you need is a:

  • Paper lantern of any shape and size
  • Parchment paper roll (depending on the shape and size of the light you want)
  • stapler pins

I loooove the DIYs which work without the glue!! I haaate glue and the stickiness and the messines! I am sure there are better crafts ppl out there who love glue and cannot be without it! But its simply not for me!


Enough for the glue

lets make it on to the DIY

DIY light chandelier 1

With the supplies on hand on with the show

DIY Collages

  1. Simply roll out the parchemnt paper and tear it till about 12 inch long.
  2. Crumple the paper into a ball by scrunching it in your hand.
  3. Start at the bottom and wrap it loosely around the lantern.Staple it in place to the lantern.
  4. Continue to repeat this process till the whole lantern is covered.
  5. Hang it up!


This is the unlit messy version you are aiming for!!

But let it glow!!!



How mesmerizing is that!!



DIY light chandelier 3


Let me know what you think about this easy DIY! This continues to be one of the easiest DIYs I have shared here! For some more DIY inspiration take a look at my DIY page! And for a complete view of girls bedroom makeover go DIY here

Enjoy your day!!

DIY projects round up

As I mentioned in my earlier post!!!!

The best way to set New Year goals is to label the year with an attribute!!! Like rejuvenation, like kindness, like relationship building!!!

SO this last year woll probably be the year of DIY for me!!!!!!

From crazy painting feats to transorm my house to an entire room makeover based entirely on DIYs is how I would sum up my year!!!!!!!!!!!

Here a look of those DIYs! If you are looking for some easy fun ways to upgrade your room I am sure you will find inspiration ther!!


DIY striped ceiling:

black and white striped ceiling 10

One of my most favourite DIY of the year!!! And definitely the most remarkable one as well!!!!


DIY feature walls:


I created about three DIY feature walls this year!!!! And one of them I got done in under two hours!!!


This washi tape grid wall is the easiest way you can upgrade your room over a weekend!!!!


Read all about the feature walls here


DIY wall art:

I created a tooooon of DIY art to brace my walls! From the DIY canvas light art to the decal on the wall to the patriotic makeover my home got!!!

canvas light art 1

Read about them all here, here and here.


DIY Ikea hacks:

One of the most favourite DIYs of mine are the ikea hacks!!!! I did a marbled ikea dresser makeover and a DIY ikea hanging light!!! Soon to be featured on the blog!


5 min DIYs:

Okay not all of them are 5 min DIYs but they are definitely the easiest DIYs I managed to create this year!


DIY color block planters

girls bedroom makeover 19

5 min DIY tutu wall hanging

easy DIY diamond string art 8

And whille you are at it check out my DIY string canvas diamond art as well!!! Its totally worth the mention!!

And check out my entire room makeover with DIYs!!!!! Here and here!!!!

I am so proud to sum it up as a  succrssful DIY year!! And here is to many more DIYs to come!!!



Room Makeover roundup

The biggest project I handled this year has to be the girls bedroom makeover on a budget that I designed for my daughter!

It was huuuuuuuuge!!

It took me ages!!! It was mostly DIY and on a budget!

It was super fuuuuun!!! I got over some insane amount of design fears!!!

I mean its no small feat to take a place from this

girls room makeover 1

To this

girls bedroom makeover 32girls bedroom makeover 19girls bedroom makeover 14

Here is how I did it!!!


Here is the list of inspirtions that I went through!! I went through about a bazillion images (mostly on pinterest coz we love binging on that;) ) But I mean bazilllllllion!!!!!


Ofcourse I was overwhelmed!!! Surrounding yourself with information does that to you. So you need to fine those skills by designing a moodboard.



This is the mood board that I designed for the room!!! You can read more about it here!


Feature wall:

The first step of the transformation process was the feature wall!!!!


colorblock wall


I chose a simple but gorgeous color block wall. I went from the fear of paint to the height of numbness to mastering the mixing and spinning the rollers in a matter of four months!!!!!! I took me a while! But I am proud to say I did it!!!! I got over my fear of paint and I nailed a gorgeous wall for my daughter!!!

You can read about the whole process here!


It was a budget makeover so It was fuuuuuuulllllll of DIYs. From the simple transformations such as covering the toy boxes with chevron boxes or painting a simple tv trolly to act as a side table to the more advanced Ikea furniture hacks.

The entire lsit of DIYs would be:

The tutu wall hanging

The DIY canvas light art

The cloud Decal

The toy swing

The ikea marbled dresser

The DIY ikea chandelier

The DIY headboard

The DIY mint star pillows with pom poms

The DIY ikea ribbon table

The DIY tassel throw

The DIY dream catcher



It was allllot of DIYs

Favourite DIYs:

My favourite DIY has to be the Ikea marbled dresser!!! It tuned out gorgeous!!! Was super easy and is still intact and gorgeous!

Least favourite DIY:

girls bedroom makeover 2

That would be the toy swing!!! It was uneven! Took insane amount of time and most of the time it would look like clutter hagning than cute!

Well executed DIY:

Well the most well executed award goes to The Light art canvas!!! I got allllot of compliments for that and allot of requests for it as well. I have to say the first time I attempted it was a total flop!!! Wasted the entire canvas. And I am so glad to say I went for it again!! And what a beauty it turned out to be!!


Lets skip the running around town for the perfect nitty gritty things I collected over time! But when you are budget designing its always a good idea to survey the market and zero down on the perfect items than something youd compromise on and regret later!

So alllllllot of surveying went into the perfect collection attempts.


It took me two whole days to put everything together!!!! And in its place!!!!


I am sooooo glad to announce the ROOM REVEAL!!!!!!! FINALLLYYY!!!!!

Here is the room reveal day 1

And room reveal day 2

You can read the entire post here and here!!!

The amount of time and effort to work on this makeover is nothing when I heard my daughter screeeeeeaaaaam and squeeeeeel with excitement when she saw the complete look!!!!!!

I think that day my feet didn’t touch the ground! 🙂

All that hardwork paid off!!

I hope you enjoyed this post of my room décor adventure!! And inspired too!!!! Maybe a little!!! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about them! And of course would love to hear about your adventures with décor!  Feel free to add in comments below!!!

Have a fantastic day and a gorgeous year!!!

Feature wall round up

This year I have been busy with alot of sprucing up!! It has been alloooong time and my walls have been screaming for help everywhere!!!

I first started the room which was mesed up the msot the kids room

It went from blah to blah blah  and some more blah blah blah and finally it got shaped into the colorblock wall statement it was meant to be!!

DSC_7492girls bedroom makeover 19

The process was easy!! not that hard. I think that the hardest part was choosing the colors. The rest was a weekends work for sure!!

You can read all about it here and see the before and after posts as well here.

And the room transformation here

The next was my room screamng for help again

SO for my room I did something different!

I ditched paint!! And literallly it was a 2 hour project!!!!


I turned the blah wall in my room into a show stopping grid wall

You can view the entire wall and the before/after here Grid feature wall bedroom!!

Our living room has been sporting the cutest chalkboard wall!!!! And the compliments we get for it are like unbelievable!! Its literally the most amazing feature wall we could have!

here is our chalkboard wall

chalkboard wall 1

you can read all about it here

And here is what I did to it!!!!

As if the chalkboard wall was not enough!!

I added black and white striped ceiling zing!!!!!!!

you can check out the entire post here and here!

There are a couple more projects all under 30 $ that I am still working on and will soon be sharing!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired this New Year to bring your walls and homes to life!!

Have a fantastic day!!!